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Kimberly Flanagan​​
Stay Organized, Be Well.
Life IS busy! Sometimes it's completely overwhelming! I think because life is full of twists & turns out of our control it's important to control the things that we actually can! I want to share with you my ways of organizing, including my cleaning routines & schedules! 
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Erin Condren
For me, the Erin Condren Life Planners are everything! I am on my third year using one!! 
I think it's really important to take some time out of your day or week to sit down and plan out your upcoming week. It can actually be a very therapeutic time. Some weeks I go all out and almost treat it as my "scrapbook" & other weeks it's messy and unreadable to most BUT I always take the time to do it! 
Although it may change write down your what you want to get done! For myself this includes house cleaning, meal prepping, filming schedule, work out time, & meditation! Appointments & work schedules are actually the least important for me as I tend to always remember those. It's the things like housework & meal planning that become overwhelming when we dont allot time for it! Can you relate?! If you do not plan please try it! It truly can make a difference! 
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Keeping The House Clean
It's not the easiest thing! Why is it the never ending battle?! Need some inspiration cleaning?? Check out my latest "Clean With Me" Video! We're in this together! 
My Tips for Keeping The House In One Piece

  • Make Your Bed When You Get Up!
  • Put away any dishes from previous day first thing!
  • Choose ONE room a day that you will spend extra time on cleaning up! It becomes a lot less overwhelming that way!
  • Spend ONE dedicated hour a day even if it's broken up cleaning.
  • ​Do at one load of laundry a day so it doesn't pile up!(This of course may be a bit different depending how many are in your family!) 
  • Watch a show or movie while cleaning! Keep it fun!

My Favorite Cleaning Products

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