Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Latest Obsession ... VITAMIX!!

We finally did it! We got a vitamix! And it has been a game changer!! We love it and use it not only for smoothies but basically ANY sauce!!! It does such a great job at truly combining ALL the ingredients evenly and is so quick!! I highly recommend getting one, you won't regret it! I feel like another fact about them that isn't mentioned as much is when left at high speed it actually will heat your food too!!!! Soup anyone?! 
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This has been such a great addition to the kitchen! I also have many recipes using this already in my RECIPES section! It's such a quick way to make a COMPLETE meal in no time at all! Perfect rice, perfect steamed veggies & more!! Shop for your Instant Pot HERE!!
An Air Fryer! Hands down the most used appliance next to our Vitamix! We LOVE this thing!!! So simple to use and food tastes amazing!! I actually love this for heating up frozen foods too! We rarely use our microwave anymore! Healthy "Fried" Food! Sign Me UP! Shop the Secura Air Fryer HERE
I love this Electric Kettle! Not to mention it light's up Blue & it's those little things that get me!! But in all seriousness we use this at least twice a day! I love that it's a quick way to get hot water! I use it to make my kiddo a quick oatmeal and of course a hot tea! Love this! Shop the Electric Kettle HERE!